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Peer Coaching is a cost-efficient way of acquiring and enhancing the core coaching skills that will enables individuals to find solutions to challenges in their work environment and to develop and share their coping strategies.

Why is it important?

  • It provides core skills and a specific tool for the professional identity transformation of the people that empower organizations.
  • It enhances the coaching core skills which enables them to give a better service to their customers
  • Develops the resourceful coach


Peer coaching enables individuals to find solutions to everyday challenges they face in their work environment and to develop and share experiences. The process is designed to focus on solution-oriented approaches (Cavanagh & Grant, 2014) to foster methods of support that create an effective learning environment. It is based on the systemic-solution oriented coaching process of “Karlsruher Schule” (Berninger-Schaefer 2011), the collegial coaching model KCK® (Berg & Berninger-Schaefer 2010) and other peer coaching approaches (Lippmann 2013). Peer Coaching provides unique opportunities to activate the capacity and capability of individuals and teams to cope with change in a productive way. It calls for solutions and positive actions, thereby enhancing the effectiveness of outcomes.

“This type [of coaching] refers to a specific form of coaching carried out among colleagues. The members of the group take turns in adopting the role  of coach and thus provide coaching to each other. All members are responsible for the coaching process.” (ECVision Glossary, 2014)

Core skills

Emotional awareness

Powerful questions

Active listening

Growth mindset



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How you can benefit

  • Training ( 2 days-Workshops, Tutored Online Course, Webinars)
  • Consultancy (Implementation of peer coaching training in Organizations)
  • Support (Peer Coaching Online Tool or Consultancy on Mash-Ups)

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