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Design your organisational identity

Why is it important

We Design Thinking aims to help you transform and develop your organisational identity. Identify your need, research, ideate and co-create, experiment and test, evolve and deploy.

What is organisational identity?

  • How do you translate the organisation’s Mission, Vision and Values into your team and your market solutions?
  • How does the market perceive you? (external)
  • How do your employees perceive you? (internal)
  • What is your differentiated value added? (Mission, Visión, Valors)

Experiences/references, testimonials:

  • Diputació de Barcelona (Spanish Local Administration)
  • Banco Santander (Multinational Bank)
  • Roche (IBM) (Multinational Healthcare Company)
  • PUIG (Multinational Beauty Products Manufacturer)
  • CELSA (IBM) (Multinational Industrial Group)

How you can benefit?

  • Digital Embracement
  • Drive Innovation (foster the innovation in your organization)
  • Empathy with the user (Employee & Customer)
  • Assured Benefits
  • Deploy lean oriented solutions
  • Focused Processes
  • Find the Golden idea
  • Build a Shared Identity
  • Co-create the result
  • Put your ideas to work
  • It Works
  • Be Your Own

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  • “Tell us what you want to transform in your organization and together let’s focus your identity transformation.”
  • “Let’s re-design together your organizational identity through people and technology.”